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The Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild is a world-wide organization made up of people of all skill levels who love machine knitting. The organization started in 1992 in South Carolina, spread to North Carolina, and then to the world via the Internet. Members communicate with each other via email, through the Newsletter, and at seminars (one is in the planning stages).

The purpose of the Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild is to inspire the members of the guild and the machine knitting community at large. To carry out our purpose, we offer a monthly newsletter* with patterns, hints and tips, and machine information.

We also have an active group email list where we discuss knitting projects, problems, and ideas.

We have a photo gallery where photos of projects knit by our members may be posted.

We have a "free pattern" collection with patterns to get new knitters started and to inspire creativity in experienced knitters.

We have a Tips, Tricks, and Techniques page with helpful hints for knitting improvement.

To see any of these pages, click the link at the top of this page!

All levels of machine knitters are welcome! Our members use a variety of machines:
Brother/Knit King machines and accessories
Singer/Studio/Silver Reed machines and accessories
Passap machines and accessories
White/Superba machines and accessories

Our members range in expertise from beginner to professional.

If you'd like to join us, click the "Join" link at the top of the page.

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