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Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild Seminar 2019
Friday and Saturday, May 3rd and 4th, 2019
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

*** Diana Sullivan *** Billie Hall *** Linda Jensen ***


Seminar registration ENDS Sunday, April 28, 2019
Hotel group rate ENDS Saturday, April 13, 2019

Agenda: Friday
Early morning registration will be followed by shopping and two morning demonstration sessions.
Lunch will be followed by drawings for door prizes and more shopping then two afternoon demonstration sessions.
An evening banquet dinner will be the highlight of our first day. Share your machine knitted garment(s) for a chance to win prizes. All banquet registrants are eligible to win.

8:00 am Registration and Shopping
8:30 am Class Descriptions
9:00 am Morning Classes Begin
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Shopping and Door Prizes
1:15 pm Afternoon Classes Begin
4:15 pm Afternoon Social and Shopping
5:30 pm Shopping Closes
6:30 pm Evening Banquet Dinner and Fashion Show (Pre-Registration Required)

Agenda: Saturday
Similar to Friday, early morning registration will be followed by shopping and two morning demonstration sessions.
Lunch will be followed by more drawings for door prizes and shopping then two afternoon demonstration sessions.
We'll bring our seminar to a close with last minute shopping.

8:00 am Registration and Shopping
8:30 am Class Descriptions
9:00 am Morning Classes Begin
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Shopping and Door Prizes
1:15 pm Afternoon Classes Begin
4:15 pm Afternoon Social and Shopping
5:00 pm Conference Comes to an End (until next time)
We're sure you'll find a wealth of helpful information, regardless of your skill level.
Demonstrators will have sample garments on display and have various patterns, books, CDs and machine knitting items available to purchase.


Friday OR Saturday (One Day) Seminar Registration with Lunch
Friday AND Saturday (Two Days) Seminar Registration with Lunch    
Friday Banquet Dinner and Fashion Show (Optional)

Demonstrator Biographies

Diana Sullivan

Diana Sullivan is absolutely crazy about machine knitting. In July 2009, when there were no longer any Austin classes being offered for new machine knitters, Diana started creating and uploading free machine knitting video lessons on YouTube. Diana's methodical, clear, and enthusiastic teaching style resonated with beginners and experienced knitters alike, and today, Diana has about 30,000 subscribers and over 6 million video views!

Diana's books and DVDs were designed to help machine knitters successfully create beautiful knits, with demos of key techniques, color-coded size charts, lots of color photos, plain unabbreviated language, and inventive solutions to make knitting easier and more fun. Diana's knitting courses and patterns are available at, and her blog is

Diana loves to teach knitting seminars and hang out with other machine knitters. John and Diana have two adult sons and a lovely daughter-in-law. She recently retired from a non-profit, and remains involved with the Texas Society of CPAs, her church, and her local knitting club.

Diana Sullivan

Billie Hall

Billie Hall has been knitting on the Passap knitting machine since 1986 when she became a Passap Dealer. She has attended specialized trainings throughout the years including with Passap USA. After developing a solid knowledge base and holding small group trainings, Billie was invited to be an Instructor at Passap University. Since 1997, she has been an Instructor at Pacifically Passap in Oregan City, Oregon teaching the very poplar Passap 101 session along with other classes.

As Billie became more involved with the Passap machine, she developed a love of creating new designs which led to her designing her own garments and writing patterns. She is best known, however, for her instruction manuals - Knitting With the Lights Off and Knitting With the Vario.

She enjoys teaching her students the different possibilities of the Passap knitting machine while focusing on how the machine works. This allows her students to better understand their machine to help them to fully explore the possibilities of Passap.

Billie Hall

Linda Jensen

I received a BA in Home Economics from San Diego State University and then a Master of Science in Home Economics specializing in Textile Technology and Adult Education from Florida State University intending to be a college professor in the fiber arts. In 1995, I found I had accumulated sufficient inventory to start doing craft shows on weekends to sell in the Southern California area and started my own home-based business. In 1999, I branched off into machine knitting when on a whim, I bought an old standard Toyota 950 from EBay. It came in a million pieces and I knew I needed help. Newton's Knits in Anaheim came to the rescue and taught me the basics. (Thanks to EBay, I now own about 27 knitting machines, but my favorite is the Brother 260 Bulky.) Because of my background, I began designing my own patterns as the ones in all the publications I saw were not that fashion-forward. Keeping current on all the fashion trends was easy in LA. I attended Otis School of Art and Design and attended many seminars and various classes over the years to keep expanding my love of fiber arts. It is always important to keep creativity flowing in your chosen craft, so I do cross-training in hand knitting, weaving, felting, dyeing, surging, sewing, spinning up my own yarn combinations out of skinnier yarns and upcycling old cashmere/angora/wool sweaters into new creations. There is just no limit to what you can do in the amazing universe of fiber arts if you look around the corner and see what's new. In September 2013, one of my patterns, Rhapsody, was published in Machine Knitting Monthly, an internationally recognized machine knitting magazine. After that, two of my patterns (Cutie Pie Top and Tidal Wave Jacket) were published in County Knitting Of Maine's News and Views. I have knitted for 20th Century Fox Studios for a TV and for a live musical production called "Side Show". I love coming out of my studio to demonstrate at seminars. My goal is to give you inspiration, followed up with easy patterns to incorporate my unusual hand-manipulated techniques in something that you can knit today and wear tomorrow. These are the techniques that I demonstrate for seminars and it is a joy for me to look out in my audience and see knitters wearing my fashions. My Etsy site is where you can review and instantly download any of my patterns -

Linda Jensen

Class Offerings

Diana Sullivan
  • Beautiful Beginnings!
  • Garter Bar Workshop
  • Cool Tooled Stitchese
  • Edges & Joins
  • Ribber Workshop
  • Extreme Sew As You Go
  • The Tip Jar
  • Super Finishes
             Billie Hall
  • Passap 101 - Part 1
  • Passap 101 - Part 2
  • Buttonholes
  • Collars
  • Fingerless Mittens
  • Mosaic
  • Socks Totally Tubular & Beyond!
  • Pockets
             Linda Jensen
  • Braided Cables
  • Stranded Surface Weaving
  • Freestyle Knitting
  • The Single Layer Plaid Technique, Part 1
  • The Single Layer Plaid Technique, Part 2
  • Short Rows on Steroids, Part 1
  • Short Rows on Steroids, Part 2
  • Unusual Knit Trims

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