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Who are the CMKG members...
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We are a group of machine knitters from all over the world! Our members include women and men who have just discovered machine knitting, women and men who have years of experience, husband-and-wife teams, knitters who are also active in other clubs, solitary knitters, and hand knitters.

The Guild began as a guild for North and South Carolina knitters and almost immediately began to gain members from all over the U.S. and Canada. While most of our members live in the United States and Canada, we accept members from all over the world.

Guild members come with experience levels from absolute beginner to seasoned professional. They own and knit on machines as sophisticated as the electronic Passap, Brother, and Silver Reed machines; machines that use punched cards for patterning; and hobby machines such as the Bond USM and ISM, and Brother and Silver Reed plastic-bed machines.

Guild members might own one machine or a house full!

Guild members are creative and are constantly striving to improve their skills. Guild members often enter their creations in competitions! The guild has sponsored knitting contests in the past, and every year some members take home honors from their State Fairs.

Guild members are eager to share their love of the craft and will provide help, answers to questions, sources of necessary replacement items, and other information that will keep us knitting. We stay in touch through our email-exchange group and our newsletter as well as through meeting in person at seminars.

The newsletters are full of articles and patterns contributed by members as well as non-members. We do have an archive of all our newsletters published, dating back to March 2003 available on CD for a nominal cost and four years archived on the forum.

The newsletters contain a list of the machine knitting clubs that have at least one member who is also a member of the Guild. We offer advertising to members and non-members. We also offer free advertising and a free newsletter in exchange for original patterns and articles from non members. Advertising knitting-related items in the newsletter assures that they reach the target market at a very reasonable rate. 

Some newsletters may also contain recipes!

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