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Wounds are common in dogs. No matter how serious or small a dog’s wound is, one thing is consistent – they will insist on licking it.
Often, one of the most frustrating things when it comes to treating wounds on dogs is that they always want to lick the wound, which often makes it difficult to apply any gel or cream and makes the healing time longer.
Lick sleeve for dogs helps dogs better protect and recover from their wounds.

Why do dogs lick their wounds?

Dogs lick wounds mostly in an effort to ease pain and discomfort. The act of licking the wound site might momentarily numb the pain by overstimulating the brain. This is analogous to somebody applying pressure or gripping a wound.
Dogs rely only on their tongues for self-soothing because they lack hands to hold or rub wounds.

How to stop your dog from licking his wounds?

It’s crucial to understand how to stop dogs from licking wounds because they can hurt themselves in a variety of ways.
The Elizabeth collar, soft taper
Electronic collars or “cones of shame” were other names for Elizabethan collars. Although it’s common knowledge to use hard plastic cones to stop dogs from licking, there are now a number of soft cone options available that your dog might find more comfortable.
dog clothes
A T-shirt or other dog clothes can help cover wounds on the chest or abdomen and keep your dog from licking them. These are garments made especially to cover wounds on dogs. Dogs can wear a range of protective clothes to cover up any wounds they may have.

Dog anti-licking sleeves
These days, an increasing number of individuals are utilizing dog anti-licking sleeves. They can, in fact, better cover, protect, and lower the danger of infection for the dog’s wounds.

Dog bandage

Since this is typically an instance of out of sight, out of mind, bandaging your dog’s wound will suffice to prevent them from licking it.
Tip: To ensure your dog is comfortable and able to move around with ease, make sure the bandage is snug but not too tight. To do this, ensure that the bandage and padding are wrinkle-free by applying consistent pressure.
Benefits: Bandaging not only prevents your dog from licking the wound, but it also keeps the area around it clean, which speeds up healing.

Why a dog’s lick sleeve is preferable to a shame cone?

No Impairment to Hearing or Vision: Cones can create undue stress when they block a dog’s senses.
Security and Defense: Anxious and aggressive dogs are those who believe they are unable to defend themselves.
Simple access to food and water: Cones can impede unrestricted access to food and water, which can lead to malnutrition and weight loss.
Soft and Flexible: The stiff cones may cause discomfort and potential skin irritation when they rub against the skin surrounding the neck.
Better social interaction: For their health and happiness, dogs need to socialize with other dogs or groups of dogs. It’s challenging to interact with other dogs and smell under the cones.

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